Located on NW 19th and Lovejoy, Commissary is only blocks away from the ever-busy NW 23rd, yet is much quieter. The interior of Commissary is bright and airy, with simple wooden tables and flowers decorating each table. There’s also a super cool mirror on one of the walls that adds even more light to the shop. Both times I’ve been to Commissary it’s been dark and dreary outside, so the brightness of the shop is perfect for a Portland rainy day. 

Commissary serves Three Sisters Coffee, which I’ve rarely seen in local coffee shops, but it’s delicious. They offer all of your traditional house coffee and espresso beverages. The chai is also amazing– not too spicy or too sweet! In addition, there are a wide variety of pastries (my boyfriend had the chocolate zucchini muffin and said it was good), soups, sandwiches, and more. Commissary has complete brunch and lunch menus; all of the food and pastries are made in-house, which is pretty cool.

I saw a wide variety of customers in Commissary– some were meeting for business, others were having lunch, and some were casually reading a book/newspaper and relaxing. Needless to say, if you’re wanting to avoid the bustle of NW 23rd and want a warm beverage to sip on and/or a freshly made pastry, check out this awesome little shop.  


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