Laughing Planet

Laughing Planet is such a classic local food chain and is one of my favorites for lunch and dinner. With such a large and diverse menu, there is always the opportunity to try something new and yummy! 

From burritos to quesadillas, from bowls to salads, from smoothies to soup, Laughing Planet’s menu is hard to describe in just a few words. While a lot of the menu items tend to exhibit some Mexican influence, other menu items have Asian influences as well. 

I’m definitely partial to Laughing Planet’s bowls. At this point, two of my favorites are the veggie bowl (rice, steamed kale, broccoli, cilantro lime slaw, pickles, sesame seeds, and garlic tahini sauce) and the Bollywood bowl (grilled chicken breast, broccoli, garlic green beans, spinach, yams, rice, and spicy coconut sauce). It’s so easy to order vegetarian at Laughing Planet, but they also have tons of menu items with beef, pork, and chicken. Also, they have a great kid’s menu– I’ve almost ordered from it a few times myself! 🙂

The menu is very customizable and you can always add various veggies to your dish or pick a side (such as tortillas, rice, and quinoa) to go along with your entree. You can also opt for a smoothie, agua fresca, or freshly brewed tea. 

Laughing Planet is expanding not only in Oregon, but also into other states (which just goes to show how awesome it is!). So, you can basically find a Laughing Planet in every district of Portland and oftentimes even outside of the metro area. The prices aren’t super cheap, but are very reasonable for the high-quality and great portion sizes of the entrees. Definitely a great place to go with a diverse group of friends and family, as everyone will be able to find something to satisfy! 


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