Never Coffee

So I’m basically obsessed with this place. Delicious coffee, adorable decor, and an awesome mural make it nearly perfect. Located on SE Belmont right across from the popular brunch spot, Slappy Cakes, I can definitely see Never Coffee quickly growing in popularity. 

The interior of Never Coffee is small, but there is still some seating inside as well as standing room at the window. Plus, there is a nice covered picnic table and other seating outside the shop. Or, you can of course get your drink to-go (and then it comes in the adorable rainbow printed cup, seen above!). 

In addition to traditional espresso beverages, Never Coffee also has a few signature drinks that are super unique. With names ranging from Midnight Oil to Rich Kid to Oregon, these beverages are definitely out of the ordinary. The baristas told me one of them tasted like licorice, another like marshmallow, and another with a sweet rose aftertaste. I’ve yet to try one of these special drinks, but they definitely make Never Coffee stand out from the competition.

The two times I’ve been to Never thus far,  they’ve been packed. With friendly staff, special, high quality drinks, and a perfectly arranged/photogenic interior, I personally think they’re destined for greatness :). Check them out next time you find yourself in SE (or waiting for a table at Slappy Cakes!). 


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