Cup & Bar

The perfect place for a chocolate and coffee lover, Cup & Bar provides high-quality Ranger chocolate and delicious Trailhead Coffee. The shop itself is quite large with ample seating. It also has cool wooden log seats and tables! 

It was hard to decide what to order, but my friends and I ultimately decided on a Café Au Lait (traditional house coffee with coconut milk), a Ranger Mocha, and a Dirty Charlie. The Dirty Charlie is one of Cup & Bar’s specialities– it is an extra dry cappuccino (which means it has tons of foam) topped with Ranger Chocolate shavings. The barista poured the steamed milk on top until the cup started overflowing slightly! A very photogenic and equally delicious dessert coffee beverage :). 

I’ve also heard great things about Cup & Bar’s toast menu, especially the avocado toast. I’ll definitely have to try that next time! They also have granola that looked awesome.

If you’re in NE Portland, check out Cup & Bar, which is located right on MLK. Bonus– they have a free parking lot, which is awesome (yay for saving money on parking!). While you’re spending some time at this cool shop, you can also pick up some delicious, freshly-made chocolate or freshly-brewed coffee for a friend. Sounds like a great gift to me!


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