Rachel’s Ginger Beer

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard of ginger beer, but have never had the chance to try it. Thankfully, Rachel’s Ginger Beer (which is super popular in Seattle) just opened its first location in PDX! The cool shop is located right in the heart of Hawthorne across from the Baghdad Theater.

So, Rachel’s serves up its traditional ginger beer, along with a variety of awesome flavored beers. These flavors include passionfruit + vanilla, cucumber + tarragon, carmelized pineapple, white peach, guava, and a seasonal flavor (which is honeycrisp apple right now!). We ended up getting cups of the honeycrisp apple and passionfruit + vanilla, but the employees let us try all of the flavors we wanted before we ordered. Basically, they’re all delicious.

The only ingredients in the traditional ginger beer are ginger, lemon, water, and cane sugar. For the flavored ginger beers, there are only the fruit juices or teas added. Gotta love simple ingredient lists!

Besides the ginger beer, Rachel’s serves ice cream floats, cocktails (and lots of other ginger beer and alcohol combinations), and sells growlers of the ginger beer that you can bring home with you. Inside the shop is also an awesome fried chicken place! So you can get your ginger beer and pick up a hearty meal at the same time.

Although $5 for a 12 oz ginger beer is a bit expensive, I found the drink so unique that it was worth the higher price tag. I definitely think this place will be popular in Portland, as it’s something new, just as it’s been widely successful in Seattle. Check Rachel’s out!


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