Lionheart Coffee

Everyone knows that Portland is a cool coffee city, but Lionheart brings that special Portland coffee vibe and charm to the suburbs. Located off of Scholls Ferry in Tigard, you wouldn’t expect Lionheart to serve some of Portland’s best coffee. It’s a hidden gem!

The shop serves coffee from numerous local roasters, including Ristretto Roasters, Rosalind, and Sterling. Additionally, Lionheart rotates its bean selection, always keeping the menu interesting! The space is impeccably decorated as well. It’s not only a great place to study and get work done, but also a great place to chat with a friend.

I’ve been to a ton of coffee shops, but few have baristas as helpful and kind as those at Lionheart. The baristas were willing to make me a special pour-over coffee, provided their expertise and opinions, and were extremely genuine. So, the baristas are both kind to their customers and knowledgeable about their craft! 

If you are in the suburbs and looking for some coffee that isn’t Starbucks, be sure to stop by Lionheart and support an awesome local business. I keep coming back because of the quality coffee, variety of roasts, and friendly staff. Treat yourself!


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