Güero is a fantastic Mexican fast-casual restaurant and torta shop in the east-side Kerns neighborhood of Portland. I first went to Güero last year, when they were a simple food truck. I had a positive experience, but only recently returned. Güero closed down the truck and opened up a brick-and-mortar shop in the same neighborhood! 

The new restaurant provides ample seating and has a beautifully decorated interior (and gorgeous tile work!). While the menu at the restaurant stayed primarily the same, they did add a huge variety of alcoholic beverages, including tequilas, margaritas, and other mixed drinks. Güero is fast casual; you pay before you are seated and your food is brought to you. When we went to the restaurant on a Thursday, they were quite busy, but we still were able to easily find seating. 

I ordered their classic cart bowl, which comes with lime rice, pinto beans, ensalada fresca, cotija cheese, poblano crema, avocado dressing, pink onion, esquites (which is corn with chile and garlic), chile, seeds, radish, cilantro, and lime. A whole bunch of deliciousness! I opted out of the cheese and crema, but added avocado. You can also add chicken, carnitas, a tamarind tomato, or an organic egg. I really enjoyed it-no one ingredient overpowered the bowl. Unlike many bowls I’ve had in the past, which have too much beans and rice, the abundance of greens and other vegetables made it even more enjoyable. 

While a lot of Güero customers seemed to be ordering variations of the cart bowl as well, the shop is also popular for its tortas, which are Mexican sandwiches made with crispy bread. They have versions that are similar to hamburgers, vegetarian versions, and others more alike to traditional sandwiches (with various meats and cheeses). You can’t really go wrong! 

Güero’s food menu is simple, but has something for everyone– from those who love fried food or meat, to those who prefer healthier or vegetarian options. I’ll definitely be returning to this torta shop! 


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