The Arrow Coffeehouse

The Arrow Coffeehouse PDX recently opened on the corner of NE MLK and Alberta. While it may be in NE, the shop is conveniently located off the freeway, making it accessible to most Portlanders. It also has a parking lot and ample seating, which are 2 features you don’t typically find in a Portland coffee shop! The Arrow has another location in Damascus, but this is their first Portland location. 

The Arrow serves Dapper & Wise coffee, which is a local roaster. They also serve a wide array of Townshend’s Tea and have a large list of breakfast and lunch sandwiches (made on site!). I briefly scanned the menu and saw everything ranging from PB&J to egg sandwiches to bacon and turkey sandwiches. They also had a few smoothies available! The Arrow is definitely a coffee shop with not only some great drinks, but some fantastic food options.

I decided to order my favorite drink, a simple cafe au lait, and my dad and boyfriend ordered a plain cappuccino and a drink called “The Double Arrow,” which was one of the shop’s signature drinks. We all thoroughly enjoyed our drinks. I’ve had a TON of cafe au laits and can honestly say this was one of the best I’ve had.

If you’re looking to work or study, there’s great table seating, and if you’re looking to relax, there are a couple super funky couches to sit on. I’m excited to come back and check out this shop again– I know I’ll be back sooner rather than later!


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